Day Out

We had a day off school yesterday. Yes, that is one of the perks of being homeschooled. We get to take vacation days without a reasonable cause. At a park, I discovered the roof of the pavilion was actually quite majestic, though the rest of the area was a wee bit shabby.

I am also trying to learn how to use zooming for macro shots with my camera Perry. He's quite an enigma sometimes, but at others he's just great and takes a shot just like I want him to. Good boy, Perry. He's usually a lot of fun; we're just getting to know each other at the moment.

Daddy bought Mommy some flowers. There isn't a person I know on earth who deserves a few chrysanthemums and daises as much as my dear Mother at the moment. She's a trooper. Yet lovely and sweet and gentle all through and through. How to Mothers do that?

Here's something of a fashion shoot. Not really, since it was last minute and getting dark; still, it was fun. My brother Michael (who's pictured above) is now becoming my new photographer since Mr. Tripod is out of order at the moment.

Fall weather is slowly creeping in, and I am loving the crisp breezes that find their way into our hallways. The Wind Woman is whispering through the trees, and I gladly welcome her. (For those you who haven't read "The Blue Castle" by L.M. Montgomery and heard of the Wind Woman, go and read that book. Now. It's amazing.).

Come out of the closet jacket, cardigans, and coats. It's fall and about time we reunited. I may live in Hawaii and not see leaves change color and frost appear, but I can at least enjoy the cool wind, even if everything does remain green.

Oh, and don't forget to bring out those boots, too. You can't forget the boots. And if you haven't seen Abby's moccasins over at the Inglenook, click here now and ogle and drool over them. They're lovely. I wonder if I could get away with something like that in Hawaii?

PostScript: Don't forget to enter my giveaway! And 100 followers?! I really cannot believe it! Ya'll are so, so amazing.


  1. Love the shot of the purple flower!! And fall is finally here. Hallelujah!

  2. Your pictures are beautiful! I'm sure you are having a blast......though let me warn you............you'll never be able to understand a point and shoot after this.........oh, well!!!

  3. I completely drooling over this post! I can't wait for my camera, apparently DSLR's make the world so much brighter (;
    loveeee the outfit.

  4. You are so gorgeous, friend! Love the the photos and your outfit. Congratulations on 100 followers too! WHOO HOO!

  5. You take such beautiful photos! I love this outfit; the belt really pulls it all together!

    North Meets South

  6. i have reached the conclusion that it matters not what you wear -- everything looks charmingly exquisite on you. (!)



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