Anticipation and a Glorious Time

Long weekend, you made me happy. I was able to sew a new and improved tote bag and then work on a few pieces of jewelry. This weekend has been a time of contemplative hours and research. You see, I am planning on opening an etsy shop. My emotions are extremely mixed about it all, but my utmost feeling is anticipation. Still, there are many preparations to be made; and through it all I find it very intimidating to dive headlong into the competitive world of etsy's talented artisans.

Everything in my shop must be calculated, policies must be written, pictures must be taken, descriptions must be formed, and my mind must be ready. Preparations, calculations, meditations.

Still, I anticipate; through it all there is excitement within the stress. If I can even call what I feel stress.

No, it is not stress.

It is certainly anticipation.

Today, for the first time in ages, I made a homemade pizza. The inspiration arose from all the gorgeous food blogs out there.

Dear Smitten Kitchen, Joy the Baker, and Food Coma, you are all amazing.

Okay, I just had to get that out. I mean, those recipes are to die for and the pictures make me want to eat everything. I mean everything.

I have been cooking more the past few days than I have in a long time; and I am eating by what feels like the bucket full.

Oh, and did I mention I feel about five pounds heavier? Who cares, because food, you are worth it. So worth it. So yummy! Ugh, sorry, I could go on about that for a long time.

Pictures of rugged books are beautiful, aren't they? I attempted a few today, with jewelry pieces. I suppose now would be the time to mention I have, for the first time ever (in my entire life) managed to put on a pair of dangling earrings. The fish hook type.

You see, when I first pierced my ears in January of this year, my piercings were alright for a month, but afterwards I seemed to go through infection after infection. My piercings simply would not heal, and were extremely stubborn and sensitive, even with gold on. They would not be healed by any remedy I tried.

Finally, after months of waiting (much of the time I was deliberating to give up on pierced ears because of the constant pain and irritation) my ears are finally healed and I have replaced my pearl studs. Without pain. Wow.

So I am a 'appy, 'appy girl.

Summary of this weekend:

Started to do something. Began doing it. Suddenly, unexpectedly got distracted by some other wonderful project. Half and hour elapses, walking through the house to get something for present project, when my previous project catches my eye. Leaves present project to work on previous project.

Do that about a dozen times in a day.


It was a glorious time.


  1. <3 loved this:)
    Etsy... That is what I'm hoping to start soon. The amazing thing is that there are so many out there! I'm excited!
    Your pizza looks good!
    Sometimes that's the way I feel, I go about without a plan. Sometimes I write exactly what I'm going to do; then that helps. But sometimes, unscheduled is just me. Really me.

  2. That pizza looks DELICIOUS. Oh my. *mouth watering* ;) Is that a scarf in the collage with the turquoise necklace? What ever it is, I like it!

  3. Stunning photos! I did the same as far as infected ears. Glad the pearls are back though!(:

  4. I love those earrings! and your photography :)

  5. okay, girl, i'm loving your blog. i knew i would, because i love hawaii. so, we instantly have a connection. : ) i am obsessed with joy the baker! woohoo for an etsy store. go you!

  6. that pizza looks outrageously yummy! and i'm so glad your piercings have healed!


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