With These Lips

As of late, I have been contemplating the words I speak. Not just the harsh ones, but the sweet ones. The ones which encourage, and the ones which tear apart. Most of the things I say are boring reiterations of past thoughts which I linger on, things which I experience during the present, or hopes which I aspire to fulfil in the future.

The harshest words I say probably arise from present situations. When some one hurts me, annoys me, or is simply unreasonable, my words are usually in the same unforgiving tone towards that person. Harsh words are spewed, things are said which aren't truly meant. I don't really want to be the person who says those things, but I become that person in those few moments, and often surprise myself at the cruelty I am capable of.

However, with those same lips I am able to say loving things, to nurture, and to praise. How hypocritical are my lips and, in the end, is my heart. It is tossed to and fro by emotions which are selfish; emotions which ought to be selfless because of the new mind I have in Jesus Christ.

I am very imperfect; my emotions -- my heart often blinds me.

Still, that doesn't mean I cannot strive to become the person I ought to be in Christ. I can strive; and He can teach; and with Him, I can have joy and peace abundantly.

"Yes, my inmost being will rejoice when your lips speak right things.
Do not let your heart envy sinners, but be zealous for the fear of the LORD all the day;
For surely there is a hereafter and your hope will not be cut off. "

Proverbs 23:16-18


  1. It's something often hard to remember, isn't it? But we have to. Our words can affect people their entire lives... I want the words I speak to reflect Jesus and His love -- now THAT would be something good for them to carry through their lives! Wow, that is so true.

  2. This is so very true. I struggle so much with guarding my tongue and speaking sweet and loving words to those around me.

    What a beautiful expression of truth.

  3. Interesting thoughts! Love ya as usual!

  4. This is a lovely post. It's amazing how our words can build up and edify someone, then two seconds later, cut them down in a degrading way. It's something I need to work on also. That verse is awesome!

    Have a lovely day! xxxx~Kelsey

  5. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! I do love hearing form people. :-)

    How true this post is. I was so sure you were going to quote James 3:2-10 or a section of it. It speaks about these same things.


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