All in a Week's Work

This week has been quite the adventure. Big brother's gone. School started. Got sick. None of those things are very positive, so this week would have to be a negative. Still, I haven't found myself too upset by any of those circumstances; maybe becoming a senior in high school truly has matured me.

Okay, that's laughable. I think it's probably because none of those things are half as bad as they sound. My brother is doing fine in college; I'm not totally appalled by school; and my cold is getting a wee bit better.

I can't help feeling God is good. Through all the trials that came this week: He is so, inconceivably good. It takes my breath away.

When I ponder it, no true joy I have had ever comes from the outward circumstances in life. It's not getting new things, traveling, or accomplishing something that brings me true, lasting joy. Those things fade away -- even if in the moment they make me happy.

Only the love of Jesus Christ has ever given me joy which I can always feel bubble up inside me. It never fades. It never fails.

Besides, this week did have it's quirks. Friends' birthdays meant wrapping up presents from those special people in my life who give me some of the best memories I possess. There's a special charm that comes with tape, scissors, ribbon, and pretty paper.

Then, even though I was sick, I made myself one of the most delicious orange smoothies I ever tasted. Getting that vitamin C in is very important! I must have drank three overflowing glasses of that delectable mixture.

Oh, and lastly, but certainly not least, I created my very own 365 blog. Woop, woop. If you like those sort of picture blogs, you may like my new blog capricious.
If you aren't familiar with project 365, it's a self-disciplinary exercise where a person takes a picture everyday for a year. It is rather unusual to start a 365 blog in the middle-end of the year, but I couldn't help myself. For a while, I have been brooding over starting one, and suddenly this week I did. So you can see why the title capricious is the perfect name.

Hope you all had a lovely week, finding joy in Jesus, if nothing else.


  1. Beautiful photography! Theyre all so light; is it natural or do you use a program?

  2. @Katie, thanks! Yes, I use Windows Live Photo Gallery; it's an extremely basic program that comes with Windows 7.

  3. That orange smoothie sounds scrumptious! Mmmmmmm. :)
    I'm terribly sorry you're sick. That is no fun, but I'm glad you feel a wee bit better. :)

    Have a lovely day! xxxx~Kelsey

  4. Those pictures are so beautiful! I can't belive you use windows live photo gallery! I use the same one, and my pictures never look that lightfull!

  5. That smoothie looks like the best thing in existence. Can I have one?
    I totally understand being sick tho... I've been sick off and on for the past month. First I had a cold, and I got over that. Then I promptly get allergies that make me extremely nauseated every morning. So yeah... hope you feel better too!

  6. @Madison, I'm sorry to hear that! I hope that you start feeling real better soon, too. Allergies are no fun.

  7. love reading your posts.
    Make me a smoothie please XD

  8. This orange smoothie looks delicious!

    Hope you're feeling better by now :)

    Loved your blog, by the way. Maybe you could come visit me too sometime... Have a nice day!!



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