Bronte Inspires Me

This is how we spend our Sunday afternoons. Stretched out on couches, relaxing and resting after a long week's work of school and all the other activities which loom around the corners of each day.

However, this Sunday I did not have as much resting time as my brother Michael. Instead I was busily scribbling away at homework assignments and school exercises. How burdensome school feels during the weekend, when I would much rather be sewing, blogging, or out and about the island.

Despite that, my evenings the past few night have been very pleasant. With reading. With the comfort of a book in my lap and pages filled with words before my eyes.

Reading is something I fell in love with around the age of twelve or so; honestly, I cannot exactly recall when it occurred. Still, I remember the feeling I experienced when I fell in love with books. I ransacked our bookshelves for Dickens, Bronte, and Austen; however, finding many of their books absent from our storehouse of novels, I betook myself to bookstores or online recesses to possess them and eat up their pages.

There is a wealth of feeling in a Dickens book, alongside the comedic and lightheartedness, there are dark corners of despair and heartache. In Austen, I find joy in family life and friendships, all wrapped in starched up social customs and the irony and comedy found in life. In Bronte, I find everything: desperation, happiness, loneliness, morality, love, anguish, and an unbearably riveting plot.

If I could ever mimic someones writing style, I would love to be like Charlotte Bronte. Her story Jane Eyre is my favorite novel, and I feel a deepness to her words and a sorrow-filled purpose to her character's personality's. The storyline to her novels is ever gripping and ever-so touching. Her characters are generally melancholy and multifarious -- seeking love and fulfillment in life, but facing constant challenges and feeling a lack in their abilities.

Bronte's language comes alive on a page. There is her share of fancy words, of quotes and analogy's, but the simplicity of her sentences is usually what gets me. How she can draw up emotions of heartache in a reader through the weaving together of fictitious words and the development of fictitious characters on a page gets me.

Makes me want to attempt the art she mastered so well. I do attempt it. I strive for it.


  1. Reading books is awesome! :) I love to read a good book on a chilly, autumn morning, while sipping some hot chocolate.

    I haven't read any of Charlotte Bronte's books, but I've heard that they're good though. ;) I might even go to the library sometime soon and check some out.

  2. I believe reading is the best on lazy weekends, while drinking hot tea. :)
    I have actually never read a book by Charlotte Bronte. From the way you describe her, she sounds like a wonderful author!!
    To be honest, I'm actually not "into" novels. But my favorites that I have read are Little Women, and all the Jane Austen novels. :)

    Have a lovely day! xxxx~Kelsey

  3. I love reading immensely! It's so easy to get involved in the story and be transported to another land. It is so much fun.
    Personally, I love Martha Finley, who lived in the 1800's the best. But the books from Charlotte Bronte sound good. I think of heard of her before:)
    Thanks for following and the sweet words you left behind!

  4. That photo of little bro is hilarious! I need to read my textbooks more over the weekend haha.

    Love you sis!!

  5. I LOVE Jane Eyre...and reading...and this post...and your photos...lots of love going on right now:-) xoxo

  6. Until today, I didn't think I was capable of describing the feeling I get when I read a book that tickles my fancy. Thank you.

  7. Jane Eyre is a brilliant book, and I think what you wrote about it just sums it up completely.

  8. Can I just start off by saying - WOW! I love your blog. Your blog is very well written and your photos are simply lovely and beautiful.

    Our Sunday afternoons are pretty much the same as yours (aside from going to church in the morning). We spend them relaxing, sometimes watching TV, and if I'm in a really good mood, I'll bake some treats.

    Have a lovely day!

  9. Jane Eyre is definitely in my favorites list. I read lots and lots of Dickens in high school and really loved it. Wuthering Heights is another favorite too.

  10. I read Wuthering Heights, and was completely confused as to why its considered a beautiful love story. I guess I just disliked Heathecliffe too much to enjoy the passionate romance./:

  11. @Katie, I know what you mean about Wuthuring Heights. It isn't one of my favorites, but that's by Emily Bronte, not Charlotte. I love all of Charlotte Bronte's books -- to me, Emily's are a bit more dark. :)


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