Summer Mania

All of last week and now the beginning of this one I have been indoors flitting about my home as I chase every bit of whimsy which pops into my over-excited mind. Summer is nearing the finish line, but my heart refuses to confine itself back to the mandatory duties of education. It would much rather design a few necklaces, bake some ginger cookies, fill canvases with paint, re-decorate, and blog for the next five months straight.

Seeing that unrealistic fantasy of mine quickly vanish as I descend into reality is painful, but at least I know that for two more weeks I may try to fill each day with crafty activities is at least a drop of balm on my wounded heart.

To state just a few of my crafty endeavors the past week or so, I drew pendant designs on shrink-a-doo with Nathan (he's such a kind, condescending older brother) and then baked them (after the ginger cookies) to make them small, lovely pendants. It's like watching a miracle as the large plastic bits suddenly shrink into thick, opaque pieces of solid plastic which exactly resemble the larger pieces they once were.

I was inspired by Something Monumental to make that small camera pendant. Her shop is adorable.

Last week I spray painted my headboard white. It took three cans of spray paint to reach it's perfect state of whiteness, but I am extremely pleased with the result. Before it's renovation, my room had far too many contrasting shades in every corner. Therefore, I am trying to neutralize some of those features by changing them to white or black.

Besides spray painting my headboard, I have been experimenting with brushes and canvas. My talent in this area is rather limited, but I try. Since last summer, experimenting with canvas has been one of my favorite things to do (though I do get very frustrated with myself at times). Still, most of the time it's calming to sit on my porch with my mom's easel and gently stroke paint onto canvas with the hope that when it's finished a small masterpiece will emerge.

I don't believe I have ever been so in love with summer as I am this year; it is now very evident why people would name their children after this opportune season -- because summer is amazing and inspiring.

Above is a necklace I made from bits and pieces I found while re-decorating. One side of the chain is gold and the other is silver -- a small retro-jewelry tip for you.

I know I haven't mentioned this recently, but I certainly have noticed that I hit 50 followers! Woot-woot! To all you readers out there, thank you; you all inspire me everyday.

And about school starting. I can at least dream that school is far away. What are imaginations for, if not to help us break away from reality for a minute or two?


  1. I love how creative and art-sy you are. And I always look forward to what little awesome projects you have going on this Summer! Glad you are making full use of it to completely immerse yourself in anything that inspires you. Don't stop creating! xx

  2. Keep experimenting. Art is something so personal and indivudual, beyond comparisons!

  3. I totally love that camera necklace you made!!! You seem to be a very crafty/artsy person. That's really cool, because I'm not. Well crafty yes, but artsy...... not a chance.

    Have a very lovely day!! xxxx~Kelsey

  4. Ahhh, I *love* playing around with canvases and paint! I'm going to be working on doing some watercolors this Fall, because I think it's going to be a colorful one.

  5. Thanks! You guys are too sweet.

    @Grace, watercolors sound like fun!

  6. I too am not looking forward to the stresses of school and cooler weather. Although, it would be nice for a little drop in the temperature.

    -- Pearl


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