Needles, Thread, Fabric = Happiness

Yesterday I was bitten by a sewing bug. Maybe I was overly-inspired by blogs, photos, and etsy shops; whatever the cause, I ended up sewing all the day long. Now, you must understand, I almost never sew unless I must or -- like yesterday -- something kindles within me a ridiculous impulse to.

Sometimes these impulses wear off, like when I begin an exercise regiment or try to wake up early (ahem), but this particular time I deeply hope the passion I have for sewing doesn't wear off. Yesterday I discovered a new love, like finding a hidden trail in the underbrush of a forest; and as I begin my first steps through, the journey has been invigorating. I can only hold my breath and hope that the rest of the pathway feels this way.

Yesterday sewing began with learning to make these darling things called yo yos. It first started with large ones for headbands; it ended with yo yos the size of a quarter which I made into a bracelet. It took seven little pieces of fabric sewn together to make this treasured bracelet which I already hold very dear, though it has only been my friend for about twenty four hours.

The day continued with making a hand-sewn, hand-designed tote bag which I very obviously adorned with a two yo yos directly in the center. It was much harder to make then I first presumed, but after much deliberating and the help of a very obliging mother, the bag was brought to completion in a few hours. To say the least, it is in my estimation the most special bag I now own.

There are so many projects I now desire to create, and I am grateful to have etsy always by my side inspiring me (I mean, isn't that site just amazing?).

No matter how many times I prick my finger, un-pick mistakes, and must fix our malfunctioning sewing machine (though most of the time I am actually the malfunctioning one), I shall persevere. I never believed sewing was my niche, but it just probably wasn't the right time for me to become engrossed in it. Now it seems I have rediscovered a hidden pathway; am I am very glad to have found this nook.

So far, it's been a splendid time.

May you all be enjoying any newly discovered delights. Could sewing possibly be one of them?


  1. Your sewing creations are beautiful! You greatly inspired me. I think I'll be making a tote bag like yours very soon. :)

    Etsy is the bomb! LOVE IT!!!!! I've gotten sooooo many ideas off of there it's crazy awesome. :D

    Have a lovely day!!! xxxx~Kelsey

  2. Oh, btw. Your dress is completely adorable!!

  3. Thanks so much, Kels! I hope you end up with a beautiful tote bag.


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