Happiness in Cloth

Since my last post about sewing, I am proud to say I have vigorously continued down that new-found trail. The condition of my house also attests to that fact, seeing that threads litter the floor, pins and needles are scattered on the tables, and our sewing machine is now never put away. It has, for the first time ever, earned a permanent spot on a table in the house.

Something happy took place yesterday; I shopped for some delicious sewing supplies which included a bag full of fresh cloth, a spool of thread, white felt, and more. The new cloth I got made me very, very happy.

Of course, there wan an object in sight while buying all of those materials. It was a tote bag with yo yos sewn on which were to fade from creme to sky blue to lake water. I am very proud of this newly-created tote bag; the design was completely original and it was all handmade. Double yay.
Blue has not been one of my favorite colors the past few years, but it has slowly grown on me as of late. I love the calm blues which are peaceful and serene. They remind of a still morning oceans, lovely afternoon skies, and fresh scents. Mmm.

After a bit of exploring outside, I managed to snap a few shots of my surroundings. It amazes me how I can always find a different picture to take in the exact same area outside my apartment. New flowers are constantly blooming, ugly vases under the stairs suddenly become treasure, and chipped paint is morphed into a masterpiece. The simple things are beautiful, especially when discovered after being overlooked for so long.


  1. That bag is so charming! Oh my goodness, I could not be more delighted with that sweet, simple design!

  2. AHHH!!!! I could simply die of happiness... that bag is PRECIOUS!!!! It's lovely. I've loved blues for quite a while now, and they are such serene colors and make perfect cloths!

  3. That bag is so fun and elegant at the same time. Lovely job m'dear!
    My schedule has slowed down quite a bit now, and I'm thinkin of pulling out my fabric and creating something fun. :)

    Have a lovely day! xxxx~Kels

  4. That bag is adorable! I love it. And that last picture? Beautiful. :)

  5. oh the bag is beautiful!!!!!!!! I love the "color wheels"......may I place my order????

  6. @Sarah, thank you! And why of course you can. ;)


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