An Apostrophe to Summer

Dear Summer,

It's been two days since we last parted, and I miss you so much. My days are now filled with textbooks, homeschool video teachers, assignments, and memorization. The things I love to do have been figuratively tucked into a box which is now taped shut and stored away in the closet.
Even someone in my family has departed since you left; the Fall semester bereaved me of my older brother who flew away to university classes filled with smart engineers. He's missed all over again, just like last year.

You were so good to me, Summer. You gave me days overflowing with family and friends. Adventurers were a continuous event, and you placed the loveliest haunts in my way. Camping by the beach, traveling to another country, seeing fireflies and monkeys for the first time ever, vacation Bible school, and so much more. You allowed me to stretch my creative abilities when I discovered sewing and fell in love with blogging.

Sadly, all of those delightful, invigorating activities have come to a shrieking halt. It's painfully difficult to sacrifice all of those pursuits in order to pass my pre-calculus, physics, and speech classes (to name a few). I know it's necessary, but I wish that you, Summer, lasted just a wee bit longer then a few short months which only felt like weeks.

You've blessed me so much, Summer. Even though it's only been a few days, oh how I miss you.


  1. I'm going to miss summer too. :(
    But I'm not going to miss the weather!!! yuck.
    Your summer sounded wonderfully adventurous!

    Have a lovely day! xxxx~Kelsey

    btw, I'm having a photo challenge/giveaway over at my blog. :)

  2. This made my heart both ache and smile. I know this nostalgia so well, and although I am a cold-weather, Fall-loving person, I don't want to let go of Summer either! :(

  3. Miss you too sis!!!
    Keep up blogging and break open that figurative box when you have the time.

  4. but hopefully all the things learned and found in summer will continue thru the fall into winter..........especially the sewing :)

  5. I forgot, do you use Abeka Academy video school? that's what I use(:
    anywho, once again, awesome posts!

  6. @Katie, wow! Yes, I do use Abeka Academy!! Yay, I love it when I meet other people who use their curriculum. :D
    Sadly, it's my last year of high school, though; I shall miss my video teachers. Haha.


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