Weekend Travels

Traveling is one of the most adventurous, fun, tiring things I do. Today we returned from a two day trip to a nearby town, and we accomplished many of the wonderful things people do when traveling such as venturing out to new places, taking pictures, absorbing the beauty of each moment, eating delicious food, seeing God's magnificent hand in nature, and laughing with family.


On the first day of our arrival, my brothers and I spotted a gazebo and made use of the picturesque spot. My older brother Nathan on the right is the person who makes my fashion posts possible by acting photographer; my younger brother Michael stands to the left.
A funny incident took place last week when we met a man in church. It was only Michael and I at the time, and the man was attempting to guess which one of us was older (sadly, the subject of whether Michael or I is older has been a guessing game for strangers for years). However, the man stated above went so far as to ask if we were twins, stating he thought we looked the same age. All I have to say is too bad, little brother, I am still two years older than you, whether people can tell it or not.

This morning, when we went out for a walk to Coconut Island, and along the way we spotted quite a few ideal scenes. My parents led the way as we crossed the bridge to the island; in the water we spotted five turtles, a few paddle boarders (I long to go paddle boarding some day), and a dog playing water fetch. The dog being the most unusual creature out of the three to be found in the ocean.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. So far, mine has been divine. There's nothing like family time, especially when traveling and good food are in the mix.


  1. i'm just a tad bit jealous of all your pictures of the beach and fun travels. one of these days i'll go to the beach!!!

    thanks for your comment a few days ago. you're so sweet!

  2. Well, beaches are pretty much all we've got here. ;)
    And no problem, I really love your blog!

  3. where is the top pic taken at...is it a good place for our next outing???? [oh when does the college guy leave] :..(

  4. That picture was taken on the scenic route on the way to Hilo. I wouldn't want to go there, though.. :P
    We need to get together SOON! Nathan leaves in about two weeks. :(

  5. Hi Kimberly!

    I'm so glad I ran across your blog today, it's really neat! :) I grew up in Florida way down on the gulf coast, but I don't think it was as amazingly tropical as Hawaii! :)


  6. Hello Kimberly!! I love these pictures, especially the one of you in the gazebo. I can't believe how beautifully clear the water is!!! It is nothing like that here in FL. :)

    Have a lovely day! xxxx~Kelsey


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