Facebook. A very controversial topic among many. Some believe it glorious, while others believe it almost sinful. I once thought it was fun, but now, after deactivating my account on Saturday, find it was far from it.

You see, facebook ruled a strange part of my life. Although it is supposed to open up a person's social life, I found for myself it actually closed certain areas of mine, while stealing my time.

Therefore, after a friend deleted hers, I followed suit (it's kind of a long story).

I challenge all of you out there to consider, maybe not deactivating, but setting strict rules around what you allow yourself to do on facebook while regulating how much time you invest in it. Or is it time to take a facebook fast? No kidding.

Ask yourself a few questions about why you even need a facebook account. If it's unnecessary, then you're probably just wasting a lot of time on it. At least I know I was.

Do you really find facebook makes life easier for you, or does it make life more complicated?


  1. heyheyyyy,
    I found this post really interesting!
    And i totally agree with you, but on the other hand I think if you use it in moderation e.g. to arrange things with friends. update photos n tag em, then I think its great, however I don't spend all my time on there because you just get plain bored! I also think people should spend more time going out and meeting people that way because all this cyber world scares me because you never know who your really talking to, hehe
    nice post :D

    p.s. well done for deleting yours!

  2. p.s. ive grabbed your button :D its on my sidebar!

  3. I have taken many FaceBook fasts that lasts for months at a time! Since then, I discovered that it can be too much of a waste of time if all you do is log on when you are bored to play games, do stupid "activities" etc.
    However, like the above commentor mentioned, if you use it to arrange things with friends, or to pass along pictures that they wanted to save and print out for themselves as well, then it is good tool to use.

    I personally keep my FaceBook account for my youth group--I can keep up to date with members, and if I notice that someone stops coming, then I encourage them via Facebook(since I don't have a phone or get to see them other then at church) to start coming back because we miss them. I also arrange to get together with many of them through FaceBook as well.

    Facebook in an of itself is not "Evil" or "sinful". It is merely a tool--just like a television set, a phone, or a computer. It is what we do with them that can make them bad--such as watching a bad show on TV, gossiping on the phone, or doing things on FaceBook that we shouldn't be doing either.

    Great post! =)

  4. Lovely post. I used to be so addicted to Facebook, it was really bad. Constantly checking and checking. But now I've cut down a LOT and only visit once a day, if even that and I don't feel like I have to read every single thing that gets posted like I used to. I never waste time on there like I used to. I think it's wonderful that you deactivated your account, though. I was going to, but it is the only way I keep connected with my friends from all over the country (I moved a lot and went to a lot of different schools in elementary and middle school).

  5. Oooh wowy, I'm totally here with you!! I abhor how much time FB sucks from my life and the lives of others! I tried going without it for a week, and then a month, and they were the most glorious, open days I've had in forever. But I can't seem to get rid of it. It's got just enough use in my life that I keep it (almost, dare I say, *need* it), but I'd love for nothing more than to delete my account as well! My problem with it lies mostly in that setting time parameters doesn't seem to work. If I'm allowing myself to use it, then I OVER USE it. I've tried so many methods of regulating myself, but short of getting off for a month at a time and having my mum change my password, it doesn't work! Congratulations on escaping it!!

  6. Wow, girls! Thank you for the thoughtful comments. You all have wonderful points, and I really enjoyed reading about your personal experiences with facebook.

  7. Hey Kim. You know what's strange, I was just talking to Laura recently about deactivating my account. Like you, I just felt that it was taking up too much of my time and I don't have the discipline to make sure I don't go on there almost every time I'm "bored" or have just a little free time on my hands. I could use that time for so many other things! Also, I just felt that with Facebook, there was something less personal about some of my relationships with others that would probably not be the case if I were to talk to them "in real life" more often! But then again... Lots of my friends use Facebook as a way to sharing information, news and even organising events and I would certainly feel like I'm missing out if I deactivated my account. So I'm quite torn right now. Hmmm.

    Anyway, thanks for bringing up the topic! It's good to talk about these things with like-minded people :) xx

  8. Sorry grammar mistake *lots of my friends use Facebook as a way to SHARE information... Making way too many errors in my typing these days. getting old =P

  9. Pam: That is exactly why I've felt I have to keep mine!! It's so frustrating how you NEED to have a FB if you want to be included in information/invites!! GAH! Whatever happened to emails and face-to-face communication!?!?

  10. A friend of mine recently deleted her account, too. I've been thinking about doing the same, but can't find the right reason to do it. Of course, my reasons for keeping it open aren't really for social purposes (I only have 54 friends and 75% of them are family and the other 25% are close friends who live out of state and even out of country).

    -- Pearl

  11. Hey Pam! Yes, I know how you feel about all of those points. For me, deactivating my account was not the main thing, really. It was more of disciplining myself to not go on facebook every few hours. I'd say always have something you want to do when you have free time (reading a book, play music, etc.) so that when you feel like going on facebook, you can have something else to run to. Then when you do go on facebook, set a time limit, like 15 minutes so you don't get sucked into it.
    Even if you do decide to deactive your account, it's not the end of facebook. You can try it out for a month to see if it really excludes you from your friends' activities. If it does, you can always reactivate your account! That's the cool part. :)
    Pearl, like I said above, you can always deactivate your account just to try it out for a month and then reactivate it when you feel like it.
    Try to see how life is without facebook for a little while. For me, it's been a good experience.

  12. I can't say it makes life easier but my life was well lived without it :)

  13. I couldn't have put it better! Thanks for the comment, a girl with a smile. :)

  14. Totally agree with Grace on the 'included' part. Ya' ever herd of paper, or is that a hickville thang' :) One of my fav christian radio stations ONLY accepts FB song requests. I think that's a bit prejudice. Even though I never have a FB account [eeks, can you believe that] I know how much time gets sucked from my life just by being on the computer. I give you lots of kuddos if you can close/limit your account. I also encourage you to join the samll but proud group of people who don't FB, Twitter, MySpace or the like. Stretch your world, go beyond 'liking' and say hi to the stranger you walk by. You never know, God might use you to plant a seed in their life!!

  15. oh, and before you think I'm a total nut [by not social networking with others] just ask my good friend Kim....she can confirm that I'm definitely not wanting in socialization :)

  16. I just deleted my facebook too -- the same thing was happening to me (as what was happening to you).


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