Simple is Elegant

Cards come in many shapes, designs, and colors; however, my favorite designs are generally simple, colorful, and sweet. There is no need to waste hours on one card (a habit I am guilty of) when a simple design which you can make multiple times quickly is just as attractive. Not to mention, it reduces the cost of each card while enabling the person who receives your card to not feel extremely guilty if she must discard it (a painful thought, I know!).

First things first! Enter, supplies!
Select a few rubber stamps (large designs are needed).

Don't forget the ink.

Make sure you have enough card stock! Gather as many complementary colors as you can.

These are really cute. If you don't have them, though,
 improvise with buttons!
Cut a piece of card stock as demonstrated in the picture. I also pasted yellow card stock to the stamp I cut out to compliment the other colors. Them paste the stamp on the pink paper and the pink paper in the center of the card.

Finished! Make as many different designs and color combinations as you like. Cards aren't only fun to make, but they are also fun to use. Nothing compares to a handmade card to make someone you love feel especially special.


  1. Wow, I love these! I'm all for the simpleness of cardmaking. Mostly because I can't do complicated. ;) My aunty is pro at anything scrapbooking, though! We have a heap of scrapbooking/cardmaking stuff downstairs, so I suppose it's about time to have some fun!:)

  2. I'm glad you like them, Emii! That's great; I really admire people who are talented at cardmaking, etc. Yay, hope you have a wonderful time being creative. :D


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