Broken Cisterns


"For My people have committed two evils:
They have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters,
And hewn themselves cisterns - broken cisterns that can hold no water."
Jeremiah 2:10

During a Wednesday night Bible study I heard this verse read and was struck by the meaning of it. Though it is the Lord speaking to the "house of Jacob and all the families of the house of Israel" (2:4) I cannot help applying the passage to my own life.

How many times have I forsaken God and formed my own "cisterns" or idols. Of course, I have never physically built myself a statue to worship, but there are things in my life which distract me and draw me away from seeking God. It can be simple things like art, friends, or even blogging; I think that anything which draws me away from time with the Lord is a potential idol. At times, it seems I am in a battle trying to "get things done," and I am constantly having to re-evaluate where my priorities lie.

The amazing thing is God is always there, guiding us down the narrow road. Without Him, I never would have realized I sometimes allow things that are first distractions to form into "broken cisterns that can hold no water." The wonderful thing is, when we realize what we are doing doesn't please God, we can always turn back, start over. His love for us never changes, but thankfully, our hearts do.

"Let us search our and examine our ways,
And turn back to the LORD;
Let us lift our hearts and hands
To God in heaven."

Lamentations 3:40

I believe and find that one of the main things I must continue to do is remind myself of what Jesus did for me during His life on earth: His birth, ministry, promises, death, and resurrection. When I contemplate and dwell on His unfathomable love for me, things are simplified. As long as my heart is completely satisfied in the love of the Lord, I no longer need to search for happiness in the world, realizing if I do I will only hew broken, empty cisterns.


  1. Great post, Kimberly!
    There have been certain points in my life where God has gently nudged my heart saying, "You have to let [insert specific thing here] go, if you're going to follow me with your entire life." It's so wonderful to know that God loves us so much, as to remind us that we cannot substitute a relationship with Him, for something else.

  2. Thank you, Laura, for your kind words and your comment.
    Great point. Nothing can substitute a relationship with Him.

  3. God has been speaking to me about this too... but more as the nation turning its back to the Lord

  4. @ a girl with a smile. Mm, that's putting it in a good perspective. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Nice one Kimberly.. Jesus bless :)


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