Stylish Blog Award

On April 28, I received a "Stylish Blog Award" on Rebecca's blog.  After receiving the award herself she passed it on to eight other bloggers. It was such an honor and encouragement to me, so thank you again, Rebecca! It makes me glad to know my blog is read by others, and I give all glory to God that people actually find what I have to say interesting!

Apparently, I should now share eight facts about myself and award it to eight other people.

(Weird) Facts:

1) Only a few months ago I got a cell phone, not really anticipating using it much; however, God knew it was the perfect timing, and I find the past few weeks I've been needing a cell phone because of all the new people God's been putting in my life! Just another instance of His perfect timing.


2) I love chocolate, and my favorite chocolate brand is See's Candies. Their chocolates are so deliciously amazing!...Great, now I'm hungry.


3) This summer I'm planning on going on a painting/drawing rampage, so watch out!


4) Well, I'm partially addicted to scholarships. I have this (at times) uncontrollable desire to research, enter, and examine them sporadically.

This is so cute!

5) I love handmade cards! Making them and receiving them add so much joy to my life!

6) My dad and I are trying to grow lettuce this year. We've got two pots full of lettuce sprouts, and everyday I obesess over the dear, little things! As you can see, I love my plants - especially the eating them part! Muahaha!

7) Every few weeks I enjoy painting my toenails and putting fancy designs on them. Haha. Weird fact, but it's very true.

{photo credit: Nathan}

8) One of my main goals the past few weeks has been to speak more when in uncomfortable situations. I never talk when I most want to, and God's been giving me the strength slowly but surely. It's amazing and very freeing; we can do all things through Jesus Christ!


Now the fun part! Here are eight blogs I think are uniquely beautiful!

1) Heather has an amazing and rather popular blog devoted to articles on "dating marriage and everything in between!" She takes things from a Christian perspective and has some very deep, thought provoking articles that I always glean from.

2) Rachel Chick has a very passionate blog which glorifies God in great ways. I love reading her truthful, straight-to-the-point posts! ;)

3) Annie P. has such a cute blog with inspiring quotes and pictures. I often find myself scrolling through there.

4) Charming Elsie is a super-cute photo blog. I love the pictures, colors, and overall feel of it.

5) So, since I love cards so much, I've got to share a card blog.

6) Here is a colorful, creative food blog which I enjoy browsing. The pictures alone are lovely.

7) This is another Christian blog by a talented girl writer. I enjoy the articles, pictures, and overall blog.

8) Grace's blog is super-cute, humorous, and very creative. Not to mention she's got some very interesting Christian articles that are uplifting.

So there are my lists. Giving out awards is fun! Please feel free to pass it along!


  1. Awwwww Kimberly! You are the sweetest thing ever! I feel honored, but may Christ be honored even higher! :)

    Thank you Kimberly!
    Soli Deo Gloria!

  2. Your welcome for the award!
    Cool! I make cards too, only I sell them because I am raising money for a pro-life center.
    I like your card, it's really pretty :)
    In Christ,

  3. Hey! I just LOVE your blog! I have a blog too! Come check it out! www.tweensbloggin4god.blogspot.com
    Thanks-Angel :)

  4. Rachel - You're so very welcome! And I am convinced that you glorify God in great ways, so thank YOU!

    Rebecca - That's really neat! Oh, and the card in that photo is not made by me. The link below the photos is where I found the pictures.

    Angel - Thank you! :)

  5. WOW, I'm so touched Thank you so very very much!

  6. Thankyou so much, Kimberly! I can't believe I wasn't following your blog. Well, I am now! And thanks again for awarding me. :D

  7. Emii, you're very welcome! Keep up the awesome blog you have. :)

  8. thank you so much Kimberly! God bless you, girl! :)

  9. You're very welcome, Annie, and thank you! :)

  10. This is charming beyond all words! I have fallen in love with your style and with your particular imagery! :) You are quite obviously a sweetheart! You have a new follower, and hopefully, a new friend. Thanks to Grace at Puddles of Memories for sending me your way.


  11. Aw, thank you so much, Rachel! I am also glad you found my blog, and yours is awesome! I love the pictures and style!
    God bless.


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