My First Sonnet


"Sun Sonnet"

By: Me:)

An orange mist glowed, blowing away dark;
Into their dens crept the stars, one by one.
The moon forfeited her glorious mark,
As all the sky submitted to the sun.
Gentle hues of orange were covered by
Bursts of livid red, as the shy moon got
Chided for claiming control of the sky;
then Moon succumbed to sun: the sky was bought.
Nighttime spells were cast away by sunlight:
Color was breathed into the waking earth,
As the dome above glimmered emerald-bright,
And God had given the world a new-birth.

Man, forgetting each moment of our lives.
Somewhere there is a glorious sunrise.


For an English assignment, we had to write a poem, and I decided to attempt a sonnet. It's a Shakespearean sonnet, and I had fun writing it. Although I've written a few poems before, I've never written a sonnet before, so I'm glad I did. Though the poem is not as emotional as I'd like it to be, since it's my first, I'm making excuses for myself. ;)

What I focused on is making my end words rhyme well, and for each line to contain ten syllables.
Definitely planning to write a few more in the near future.


  1. Loved the sonnet sis, you have to read it for me aloud when I'm home.
    -NAthan HAnson

  2. Hello Kimberly,
    What a beautiful sonnet!
    You are very talented!
    God bless you!
    In christ,

  3. cool, i like it! sonnets are so much fun :)

  4. Wow! did you really write this! Keep on writing Kimberly! :)

    I'm following you!
    God Bless! †

  5. Nathan, alrightie, I will! Love you! :)

    Aw, Rebecca, thank you so much!

    Annie, yes I now really love sonnets. :)

    Reality Check, thanks, and yes, I really did write that. Haha. Thanks for following.


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