Regina Spektor...?

The reason for neglecting my blog is because of scholarships. Yes, I've been meddling, stressing, and brainstorming over them constantly for the past week, so please understand.
Today, however, I suddenly had an impulse to listen to tons of youtube music videos, specifically by Regina Spektor. Though I know next to nothing about her, her songs are filled with something deeper. I doubt she's a Christian, though she may lean towards believing in a God; yet, as I said: I know not.
These are a few interesting videos by her. "Laughing With" is pretty basic. It's very true, I feel. Actually, I wanted to upload the official music video, but blogger isn't letting me. Probably some copyright block. Bo.
Well, at least the other video works. "Samson" was especially unusual. After dabbling around to find out what it exactly meant, I haven't really found out what Regina was thinking when she wrote those words. It's probable she took the story of Samson and Delilah and simply put her own story into it; I've also heard it put that this was Delilah's point of view. Weird song, I know. For myself, I don't think of her as singing about the Bible story, but rather putting her own story into it. I read this longish explination on it which says:

"It's suppose to describe the death of her friend. She compares him to Samson to show how strong he was to fight off cancer, even though he didn't make it. Wonderbread was the only thing he could eat because he was so sick. "the Bible didn't mention us" is her projecting that he was worth being famous for being a strong person and great friend, but nobody knew him...."

(I did edit the quote a bit, for grammar errors...Hehe. Couldn't resist.)

Also, I've read that the "couldn't bring the colums down" part can be describing her friend not winning the battle with cancer, and the part of his hair being cut is because of chemotheraphy.
That still doesn't explain the, "You are my sweetest downfall," lyric...?

Anyhow, the piano and tone is what I like about the song--and the beautiful music video graphics.
Let me know what you think/know about her...

P.S. No, I do not have any idea why I put so much effort into researching a senseless song called "Samson." So don't even ask ;)


  1. So cool! Regina Spektor does a couple of songs in the Chronicles of Narnia movies that I really like. One of them is called "Wunderkind" I think and the other one is "The Call" which I love. Her voice is so pretty :)

  2. I love her voice, too! It's so unique. Oh, and I love "The Call" as well. ;)


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