He's Just....Amazing

There has been so much going on in my life as of late. Not so much externally but, rather, internally. God has been trying to teach me so many things, but the two that stand out the most can be summed up in two words:

Prayer & Spirit.

God has trying to show me that I need to pray (have a conversation) with Him more often. Not just prayer, though. It needs to be unhindered, unadulterated, complete-focused-abandonment prayer. Not a simple "Help me, Amen."
Then, concerning the Spirit, He's been trying to teach me to communicate with His Holy Spirit within me (and within each of us in covenant with Him). I ignore Him a lot times. I don't listen; I only hear what I want to. However, lately, I've been truly desiring for God to speak through His Spirit directly, specifically into my life.

I know He will and already is.

So, since I cannot even begin to explain what He's been doing, I'll just share my theme song with you guys. It's called "Holy Spirit Have Your Way" by Leeland, and has been constantly running through my head lately. My favorite line is:

"What a joy it is to give my life away to You!
All that I need, all that I seek,
Is You here with me,
Holy Spirit, have your way in me!"

That lyric is so powerful to me, right now, I can't even tell you. I can only feel it!

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