Yipee, this is my first post involving a video! When I finally make that long-awaited youtube video with me playing "For My Father" by Andy Mckee you will definitely see it posted on here. However, there is no knowing when I will finally learn the last part of the song, so probably not too soon.
Anyhow, while practicing guitar today, I stumbled across this youtube video by Sungha Jung, one of my favorite guitarists. His music is amazing. Certain moments took my breath away. He's done awesome arrangements of Bruno Mars, the Beatles, etc. He's awesome.


  1. I learned this song on the piano forever ago! I can't wait to see the video that you make :) Keep at it, girl! Love you, Kimberly <3

  2. I love this song! Several times I've tried to teach it to myself on the piano; I haven't played it in a long time, so it probably sounds awful! :D

  3. Laura K : Oh, so I suppose this is a well-known piano song. Very neat! And yes, that video is a work in progress. Hehe. Love you, too!

    Laura: Aw, it's wonderful you play the piano! I'm sure it couldn't be that bad ;)


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