Microwave Mochi Recipe

Alright, I am finally going to unveil the longed-for mochi recipe! Let us begin.

First, you're going to need:
1 can of coconut milk (approx. 2 cups)
2 cups of mochiko
1 1/2 cups of sugar
Food coloring (pink is more common, but you can choose any color you like!)
Potato starch
An 8X8 microwaveable container


Measure out your ingredients. Pour the sugar, mochiko, and coconut milk into a large bowl. Then add two drops of the food coloring of your choice and stir until it becomes smooth. If you want a darker color, simply add an extra drop or two of food coloring.

Then, get your glass 8X8 container (or microwaveable safe containter) and set a cup upside down in the center of the pan. Slowly pour the mochi formula into the pan.

 Cover with plastic wrap, making sure to poke holes all around the top and sides. Set in the microwave and microwave for 3 minutes on low, 4 minutes on medium, and 2 minutes on high. Allow to set for a few minutes, as it will be hot. However, once it has cooled a bit, take it out and carefully pull back the plastic wrap! It may emit steam, so don't burn yourself!
Carefully touch the center of the mochi to acertain whether or not it was cooked thoroughly. If it is still liquish in the center, then cover with wrap and microwave another minute or two on medium heat. Allow to cool.  

Now, once your mochi has cooled off a bit, get out that potato starch. The mochi will still be warm, but not so hot that you cannot handle it with your fingers. Cut out pieces from the pan and place on a cutting board or other surface. Slice the mochi into small cubes or rectangles and cover them with potato starch. Then, wah-la! Homemade mochi.



  1. Kimberly,
    Hooray! Thank you so much for this recipe (and the pictures)! I cannot wait to try it :)

    In Christ,


  2. Never heard of mochi before! Looks good. Is it Hawaiian? :D

    1. Nope. This is Japanese (:

  3. Laura: You're more then welcome!

    Auntie: No, mochi isn't Hawaiian, it's actually Japanese; but since there are so many Jananese here, they mix a lot of their culture into the "local flavor." ;)


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