Kua Bay

A picture for my friend in Maine :) My brother's and I ventured out to Kua Bay yesterday for the first time. It's a beautiful beach with soft, fine, white sand and cystal clear water. In this picture the waves look rather small, but, trust me, there were a few "monster waves" while Michael and I were in the water! Haha, of couse, I don't like big waves, so my definition of a "monster wave" is probably different from most people's. Hehe.

P.S. Those cool dudes in the bottom left corner are my brothers :)


  1. Kim,
    Ahhh... Can I come over, like... NOW?! I miss you and hope your week is going well. Thank you for the picture!

  2. I know: I'm spoiled ;) I'll get you some more pictures of the beach next time we go!


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