Clone of a Cinnabon

My day started with school. For some reason, at about one 'o clock, I realized that I would be done with school before my usual "do-homework-until-nine-o-clock-at-night" day. Therefore, the day called for something a little extra-special. There had been a huge list of recipes saved on my favorites toolbar which were begging to be baked and eaten. I decided the "Clone of a Cinnabon" had the most savory picture and began my baking adventure at around three 'o clock. After an hour of the dough being kneaded in the bread machine I plopped it out and rolled it into a large rectangle which I decorated with butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar. I then rolled it up into a huge burrito, cut it up, and plumped the mini-rolls into the pan. After baking, they looked like naked cinnamon rolls begging to be smothered in frosting. We answered their call. After dinner my family covered a cinnamon with frosting, and then we each took a big bit out of the first piece and cried "YUMMY!"

Don't you love it when a recipe turns out well? I do. I've made so many failure or mediocre recipes, that baking is not one of my favorite things to do. However, this one's definitely a keeper. Though not exactly a "Clone of a Cinnabon" the cinnamon rolls are definitely delicious.

They aren't too gewy or chewy, yet are not dry. Once you spread  little frosting over them, you're goner.


  1. Kim,

    Those look SO incredibly yummy! Did you save one for me? After seeing that post I think I am going to have to do some baking now today... Mmm!

    <3 Laura

  2. Haha, thanks, Laura! I wish I could send you some ;)


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