Hello.Goodbye. Hello. Goodbye

Things are going well. Life seeems to be unfolding in a smooth, beautiful way, and though nothing really outstanding has happened, I feel really blessed for every single day of my life.
My summer vacation has been a lot of work. Yes, work. I feel almost as if I was doing as much as I was during school. I am studying for driver's ed (yes, I got in the class) and I've also undertaken studying for an AP biology test. If I pass the test it counts as a college credit, and I won't have to do it during college. Not to mention studying for my PSAT which is coming up in a few months.

So school still sorta feels like it is there. But I like that. My brain needs to keep working or else it might turn into mush during the summer ;)

I know this is a dreadful, boring blog post so let me think of something interesting to say...


Nathan is leaving for college in a few weeks. It's difficult to think of having one in our family away. Especially Nathan.

He adds so many things to our family. Funny things.
Having been homeschooled for so long, I must admit that our attitude towards school is different then most people's. Michael was really weirded out one day when he discovered this.

On one of those random days we were sitting around and soon we were quizzing each other on our own history terms. Nathan was probably the initiator: "Do you know who Clarence Day was?" "Who invented the steam engine?" "What year was the Spanish Armada defeated by the British?"

It sometimes becomes a game for us.

"Who in the worlds does this? We're making our school into a fun game." Michael said, appaled. "No other kids do this."

I laughed and remarked it would make a good blog post one day and said it's what being homeschooled with Abaka curriculum has done to us.

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