Going going...gone..

It is...done.

I had a good school year. Still need to finish a few things but I'm pretty much done...

Truly, this school year was extremely enjoyable. I loved most of it through and through. Learned a lot...grew a lot...smiled a lot...

But now it's time to get into "summer gear." I'm hoping to start a few paintings, writings, and guitar songs. Can't wait to finally get artistic.. ;)

Besides that, though, I'm hoping to get admitted into a driver's education course the end of this month. I'll be applying, but it's possible I might not get in so we'll just have to go with the surf (yes, I made that up...hey, I live in Hawaii right ;)

And, yes, this is coming from the person who was saying she thought she couldn't drive. Well, I admit I'm still nervous behind the wheel, but I'm getting used to it.

Prayer has helped a lot [with this and every other thing in life].

[I love life...]


  1. Im so glad your schoolyear has been good :) We get off June 9th, only 15 days left!!

  2. I'm celebrating with you, sister!

  3. hope your school years were as great as mine :)


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