A Vocab Lesson

My dad often teaches me things. Today he gave me a lesson in vocabulary. I was sitting down after a swim at the pool with a bag of chocolate chips in my lap.
Somehow I started thinking about the atomic bomb and that soon transformed into analyzing volcanos. Weirdly, I was paralleling the two in my brain. The atomic bomb was created by man and can cause such destruction. The volcano by God, and though it also can create destruction, it is still beautiful, majestic, and, in the end, profitable (I don't think I would be living in Hawaii without one).
In the end, I smiled and looked up at my father, "Don't you think volcanos are cool?" I asked.
He looked up over his glasses, "No, they're hot." He smiled.
So that was my dad showing me my vocabulary skills, and the lack thereof. What can I say? I know I use the word "cool" way too much.
Bad habits ;)
Did you see the photo at the top? Look at the bottom right corner. I love watermarks! I saw a professional photographer do something to that affect, and decided it wouldn't hurt if I did it to my photos ;)


  1. Beautiful photo, Kimberly!

  2. thanks! sorry this is such a late reply!


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