Short and Simple...could you think of it?

As of recent days I have noticed that my dad has been listening to many Christian debates online (at least I think they are debates...). I can hear men ranting and raving on theology and contemplating the matters of hell, heaven, and the Invisible.
Those conversations have interrupted me several times during school. Sometimes the debates get so interesting I stop everything I'm doing and listen...however, as informative as it may sometimes be, it has its downside. Such as, when a certain person is trying to take very important Spanish exam. It may be a personal problem, but I find when trying to pass a hard test, it is rather unhelpful when one is drawn away by the sounds of men arguing over the concept of hell.

Today, as I sat wrapping a gift for someone, I heard another ominous debate brewing from my father's laptop, and, of course, did the inevitable: I listened.
After a few hair-rising conversations a less-aggressive voice was heard. A man discussed several problems people were having in the church and then carried on to say something intensely interesting.

"We have a college magazine and people often talk about the church and atheism," He said, "Usually the questions and comments are minor and don't raise much interest. However, one day a person wrote the question, 'Why do people even go to church? I mean, I've gone to church all of my life and can only remember a few sermons. I don't see what the advantage is.' And this statement caused quite a stir."

I sat there, carefully folding over the pieces of wrapping paper over my gift, and found myself speechless. "That is so true," I thought to myself. At that moment, I couldn't come up with one irreproachable, convincing reason of why I should continue to go to church. Especially since, as of late, I have been disappointed by that exact fact: I tend to forget a lot of the sermons I hear on Sundays. Of course, I'm sure if I had been given a minute to consider, I might have come up with one reason to go to chuch. Yet, seeing that I only had about five seconds..well...all I could do then was listen.

"Later on we got a response to that question in the magazine, " The man continued slowly, "A young man wrote in saying 'I know that some people may not see a reason to continue going to church, especially since you may only remember two or three sermons out of hundreds. Yet I know this much: I have eaten three meals every day for every single day of my life. However, I can only remember a few of those meals. Yet although I can only remember a few, I am pretty sure that without all of those meals, I wouldn't have been able to live.'"

My phrasing may not be perfectly accurate, and I am pretty sure that I forgot most of the details, since wrapping a gift does take a certain amount of concentration. Defying all of this, I am quite sure that did not make the impact of his words any less.

It's so funny how someone can go from complete puzzlement to a "Eureka!" moment in about five seconds. And I remember thinking to myself, "If I had thought for a few minutes over that question, would I have been able to come up with such a convincing answer?"

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  1. i don't believe in god, but i fount this post very very interesting; thank you for sharing! & i love your blogxx


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