Today during school I was reading about certain sea creatures in my biology book. At first, I was less then enthusiastic...
There were gross pictures of clams, squids, and snails.
I was reading quickly and trying to force myself to not peek at the gooey pictures of slugs when, after flipping a page, I got a glimpse of a beautiful creature.
"What is that?"
I looked at the bottom of the picture: nudibranch.

Those projections on their backs are their gills..."nudi" means naked and "branch" means gill. It's truly amazing.

Just another instance of God's ever-varying creation.


  1. Kimberly,

    I LOVE nudibranchs! They are so beautiful and ever since I took marine biology, I've had a fascination with them. I'm glad to know someone else thinks they're a wonder too!

    With love,


  2. I see them often when scuba diving. Did u know that they are tiny? They are like only 2-3 inches.. the ones I have seen but they are very colourful. I know of divers who only photograph nudibranches.. :D There is also a seaslug called 'Christmas tree worm'. THey look like colourdul miniature Christmas trees... I like them. WHen u go close, they close up and retreat like a worm. I personally prefer to look at fishes... :D

  3. It's funny how many people already knew about nudibranchs before I wrote about them ;)

    Auntie: It must have been amazing diving...I'm not sure, but maybe one day I'll be able to as well :)


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