Driving Excursions

Many of you may not know that I've recently started my new adventure into the world of driving. About a month ago I got my permit, which means I can only drive if someone 21 years or older is in the passenger's seat. So my parents have been accompanying me on my past few attempts at...driving...

I must admit, I discovered I am a horrible driver. Most people I know (including my older brother) picked up driving very quickly and were able to do it with ease--everytime I drive I'm shaking!

The simple process of pushing on the accelerator is scary for me, and the few times I've tried to drive out on our road, I was petrified.

Pathetic, right? haha.

Let's just hope in a few months I'll be a better driver. And pray a lot. I'm not sure what else can help me! :P I guess I just never thought about driving very much until finally trying it. I never observed how other people did it, so I have no idea how to do simple things, like make a smooth turn.

I can't tell you how hopeless I feel the whole situation is. It seems I have absoloutely no talent in the area...*sigh*

Maybe I should pracitice, yeah? But let's just hope my practice doesn't put other people's lives in danger.

(isn't that picture of a car so pretty?) ^^


  1. Kim,

    I love that picture of the car :) Up at camp we got a couple similar ones, but they're a bit more dreary looking than the one you posted!

    Praying that driving gets better... I start driver's ed in May and I'm pretty nervous too!

    Love ya, sister :)


  2. Ya, driving has been pretty intimidating, but prayer has helped a lot. My mom has also been making me practice in our church's parking lot, and today, after practice, I felt a lot more confident with parking, etc.

    Just a shout out: prayer really works!


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