A Tale of Earphones

Sometimes life can simply be funny. I mean, really funny. It's just those little moments which you can always remember and laugh over.
I had one of those occur a while back with my older brother. We were doing school in the morning, groggy-eyed and lethargic, when I discovered that my laptop's speakers weren't very loud and I needed earphones.
My older brother happened to be getting some for himself at the moment so he brought me a pair, as well. I looked up at his hand and noticed he was holding two different earphones, one being ipod earphones (the kind you stick directly in your ear) and the other those big ones which go around the top of your head and sit very nicely on your ears.

Personally, I don't like the ipod earphones because they hurt after a while, but I took them anyway because Nathan seemed to be dangling them right in front of my nose and, therefore, I supposed he must not like them either.

About an hour later I noticed Nathan wasn't using his earphones, as they were sitting right next to him rather then on his head, so I asked if I might exchange my pair with his, seeing that my ears were beginning to ache.
And Nathan, being the very obliging person he is, said yes.
"I actually prefer those ones," I admitted as I reached for them.
"You do? I thought you liked the little ones better,"
"No, but I thought you liked the big ones better,"
"Actually, I prefer the ipod ones. That's why I put them in your reach...I thought I was doing you a favor,"
"What? I thought I was doing you the favor by taking them!" I cried, laughing.
Is the secret to life communication?

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