I desire to be lily-white:
As my Lord called me to be.
Though it may be a hard fight,
He shall give me victory.

Though for now, I be black,
Darker than coal,
And sinful, useless,
What can You do with this soul?

He took me in His hand,
And washed me with His blood,
For the very first time,
I was a lily-white bud.

Yet lily-white did fade
And I was soon a brown bud:
I had forgotten the Truth
And was covered in mud.

But what would He do,
But wash me again,
And fill me with love,
Replacing my sin.

Such forgiveness:
Oh, too great!
How could Love
Conquer Hate?

Well, He came to earth
For you, for me.
Why’d he come to earth?
To hang on a tree.

And because He was lily-white
Upon that cross
All my passionate wants,
I count but loss.

If only to serve,
For He died for me.
What else can I say:
Lily-White set me free!

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