Calm the storm

Peace is my favorite word. The utter thought of peace makes me smile, because when you feel peace, no matter what is going on around you, you are calm. Your mind is at rest.
God can give us that peace sometimes, if we only ask.

Last week was a bummer. I mean, really, I was low. I knew I wasn't in the place I should be, and that made me feel just "blah." So this past week I finally got to where I knew I should be. I opened my Bible and an encouraging book and read them daily, and once I did I had peace.
I've been having this wonderful peace for the past few days, and I know it is from God.

* * *
Yet sometimes, we can't see ahead in the future.

I knew I had peace, and I knew I was finally where God wanted me to be...yet that was all I could see.
God knew something much more.
He sees way beyond.

Today is Sunday. Church day.

My brother's and I have been going to church early for the past few months and have been playing with the worship band, of course, in hopes of one day being able to play with them during Sunday service.

Well, today was that day :) None of us had any idea that we were going to be playing. We just went, and after finding out that the lead guitarist wasn't going to be able to make it, all three of us were shoved in his place! (not to mention one of ther guitarist)
It was definitely a shock, yet in my heart I was still at peace....which is weird, because I always thought that when the moment came when we would finally be playing with them, I would be shaking in boots!

But I finally realized why God had been giving me this peace this whole week: He was preparing me, and unconciously, I was being prepared for something I had no idea about.

The only thing we can do is look back oh go: "Oh, I get it!"

We are so dumb sometimes.

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