A new meaning of: inspiration

Bible class has been interesting.

If you heard me say that sentence aloud you would hear a unique voice inflection.
A slight nuance trailing behind the word interesting.
Could it be sarcasm?

Well, not precisely.

Not exactly.

But basically.

Now, for all you people out there, I am not being rebellious towards my Bible class.
No way!
I'm just treating it like another subject in school.
All subjects have been "interesting."

Which spells out: time consuming, absolutely ridiculous (too much homework!!), and overwhelming.

But I am learning things.
That's the whole reason I'm doing this post.

I learned in my Bible class something very exciting. Something that brightened my eyes and opened a new door to viewing the word: inspiration.
The definition for inspiration is: God-breathed.

I thought about that for a moment.
And smiled.

I think I use the word inspiration quite often. Whenever I feel like writing something new and fresh in one of my stories I cry out: "This is a wonderful moment of inspiration!" or when I start writing a song or a painting with a passion I smile inwardly, "I love these moments of utter inspiration."

And then I thought, could that mean that whenever I feel inspired my thoughts and ideas and actions are being God-breathed.
Like the nudging of the Holy Spirit to somehow use me or my action in a way to glorify Him?

I like that idea.
That feeling of inspiration.
Whenever I feel inspired, I think I'll look inside myself and ask, "Is this God speaking to me? Is He directing this thought in some way?"
It will make those moments of inspiration so much more special.
It will make then exciting.
It will make them...God encounters

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