The brown eyed revelation

Perhaps you have heard of the wonderful missionary to India by the name of Amy Charmichael. She was a devoted Christian, and her story has always had a special place in my heart, not only because she was such a wonderful example for women, but because of a certain story of hers that I have identified with so powerfully.
It is almost a miracle that I heard of her story because it fit into my own feelings so perfectly, and opened up a way for God to speak to me in a very strong way.
You see, when Amy Charmichael was a young girl growing up in Ireland, she was very discontented with her eye color which happened to be brown, just like mine. She longed to have blue eyes, I suppose thinking brown eyes are plain and dull, as I do myself.
Growing up in a Christian home, she, of course, learned about prayer and one day decided to pray to God that He would change her eye color from brown to blue. However, God did not grant her request, leaving her with brown eyes and a dissatisfied heart.
When Amy grew older, she found herself called to missions and was settled in India where she had a ministry. I am not exactly sure about all the details of her ministry, but I know that one of the things she did was save small children (preferably girls...) from the pagan temples, since they were horribly treated and abused.
However, I know that at least one particular time the only way to accomplish this task was to sneak into the temples to reach the children. So Amy dyed her skin brown (I believe with coffee..) and dressed herself in their native Indian clothing, yet her eyes were still exposed.
Her mission was succssful, but it is very probable that she would have been caught if not for her brown eyes, seeing that blue eyes would have immidiately betrayed her European descent and her vital mission.

Not only has her story touched me, but it has given me a sense of purpose and even contentment with my brown eyes, which I have constantly wished (not blue..) but green. I have ranted and raved more then once that I wanted green eyes (as my father has) and always have been very distraught that almost everyone on my father's side of the family has green eyes. However, I believe God gave me brown eyes for a reason, just as He did Amy Charmichael, and that I should be content.
And, now, I believe by God's grace, I am..

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