A new chapter...in a text book and life

Having brothers affords a lot of amusement in life.
Like when you answer the phone and are greeted by a loud, replusive brup follwed by an elfish giggle and a deep hello.
Yes, that's what I call the gift of having brothers. They're always ready to either make you laugh or cry.
Keeps life exciting.

Anyway, we have started our death march.
The Abekian side of our brains has been switched back on and already on our very first day of school I already feel overloaded with homework and a pile of thing to memorize.
I have a five Bible verses to memorize in five days, a spelling list and twelve vocabulary words, a pretty long poem, and not to mention all of the scientific words and history terms.
At least math is giving be a break. I'm doing Algebra 2, and we're only reveiwing at the moment.
But, wait, I haven't said the worstest part of it all.
*faints and revives*

Forget school, it's boring to talk about.
I should tell you that I am just a leetle excited about it...(a lot...)
And don't pity me. I don't like to admit it, but I actually like school....
I'm telling you, I'm positive I've learned more today then public school kids learn in a week.

Moving on.

Hmm, I'm not sure whether I have already mentioned that our family is going to church again. Well, after a long time of doing church at home (very informative...my dad's awesome and without all of his weekly teachings I'm sure I wouldn't be able to read the Bible the way I do today) my parents decided going to a "real" church, so we've been attending for a while.
We have been blessed so much by the people through God. Since giong I've been pretty occupied with a few activities and have had so many opportunities thrown my way.
I know it's all from God.
Just the other day a mother in the church asked me if I would teach her young daughter to play the guitar.
I heartily agreed.
Never did I ever imagine in my wildest dreams that I would already be teaching the guitar when I myself and trying to learn so many things, but I feel like it will be a good experience.
Although I know I am not nearly qualified enough to be a teacher to people my age, this girl is only nine, and because I would only be teaching her the basics (about frets, strings, tuning, a few basic chords, notes and simple melodies) I believe I will be able to do it.
Of course all by the grace of God. I truly believe this will either "make me or break me," to use the phrase.
Seeing how I have been considering being at teacher, I don't believe I will ever truly know if I like it unless I teach.
I don't think I would want to teach young children, though (elementary school..) because I don't feel I could truly impact the life of a child that young, plus, how could you have a serious converstaion with someone that young?
You can't.
Which is why I feel that teaching kids more on the high school or college level would be more fulfilling, only for myself, of course.

Also, I should add, if anyone has ever seen me with young children, they will know what I mean when I say I don't believe teaching young children is my calling: I'm horrible with them:
Extremely awkward. Can't do imaginary play stuff. Don't have the patience to watch them.

Well, after saying all of that, I guess you had better wish me luck on this new endeavor.....

P.S. I have something I really, really, really want to post on this blog, but I need to keep it a secret right now (I have strict orders) so I am afraid I won't be able to tell you until a few days.
Oh, well, I'll just have to keep you in suspense ;)

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