My dear friends, I needn't keep you in suspense and wonder any longer! No more tossing and turning at night, your mind racing with thoughts concering my confidential information.
No more worry. No more tention.

(if any of you have had any of the above syndromes contact help immediately)

But as for the rest of you!

* * * *
Alright enough of that.
The good news is: I won second place in a Christian writing contest!
It's the first time I've ever entered a writing contest before, so I truly didn't expect to win anything, but the fact that I won second place totally baffled me: with excitement!
Our family went crazy the night we found out I had won second place. Haha.
There were a few minor scuffles that were very confusing concering winning (contract stuff...) but in the end it all worked out.
I know I have said before that I was having a great summer, but this has been the cherry on top! :D
I found out the last Friday of freedom I had (the week just before school started) so it deinitely was the topper to a great summer.
Thinking back, I remember praying, asking God to allow me to win something...
It would be so encouraging. Uplifting.
To actually feel that you were good at something you loved.
Whether or not I'm good at writing or not is still to be determined, but I will be trying to find that out for the rest of my life (hopefully).
But God does answer prayer. Either with a yes, no, wait, etc. He answers.
I feel really blessed that He said yes this time.
PS I know that you're now churning for the evidence of my winning second place! Here's the link: http://christianwritingcontest.com/entry/2009-christian-writing-contest-award-winners/141.html

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