A painting and a party

What's this? Well, it's a picture of my painting. Sorry the photos are too good...they're kind blurry cause our cam isn't the best. Anyway, of course, I'm not finished with it yet...this is actually not how it looks right now. Her hair was soon scraped off and so was that bow since it was not satisfactory. Her face has also has some alterations...
The picture below this one explains what I mean when I say, "Her hair is now a brown smudge," because that is exactly what it is. I'll have to put some highlights on her ;)

her feet and arms have not been painted yet, though I have attempted the arm. As you can see, I had to wash off the paint, it was so horrible. Trial and error, trial and error *sigh* I also haven't finished the grass. Right now it's pretty much block colors and a foundation for the finer blades of grass.

I'll post the finished product one day. When that will be I don't know because I haven't been working on her much lately. I'm going through a dry bout, perhaps of discouragement and uninterest since I'm not excited about my painting at all...oh, well...


  1. Cool...keep up the search! S says that she will get in touch when she need ideas/help on decor. It looks like it is going toward masquerade type of party. S is thinking lots of candles, masks, bird feathers, peacock feathers [we have some]...but light not to dark and evil [since masqureades can become witchcrafty]. Start collecting your old bobbles/broken jewlery/ broken chains/ odd's and ends...[it's for the craft project]. We'll send out the invites as soon as we get a date. If you have any ?'s let me know. Can't wait!!!!! It's be so much fun!


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