He makes me laugh

I love the different personalities speckled throughout families. The way every member is different, each bearing his or her own perspective.
Most people know my younger brother is the joker in our family. He's extremely witty and is able to pick up a line from television faster then I think he picks up anything else. He's quick to a joke and his punch lines are usually hilarious.
Everyday he causes each of us to laugh, whether we want to or not. I owe a lot of smiles to him.

The other day we were sitting in a food court in Waimea, and he threw out a joke. I'm afraid, for
myself, it was stale--so stale I can't even remember what it was about, but it turns out I didn't laugh.
Of course, he was a bit upset and frowned.
"I just didn't think it was funny," I explained.
"Yes, it was," I believe was his reply (I'm modifying the dialoge a little since I can't remember it perfectly)
"Then how come nobody laughed?" I asked
"It was an inside joke," He explained.
"Then how come no one else is laughing either?" I glanced from my dad to my other brother.
"Don't worry, they're laughing on the inside."
I couldn't help laughing a bit. Maybe it wasn't as funny to you, because it's rather predictable, but at the moment, I wasn't prepared for anything.

Later on, we went to Wishard Gallery.
I love art galleries because they are usually--hopefully--filled with exquisite peices of art work which an average human cannot usuall produce unless he is trained in the arts of color, depth, and texture, not mentioning the bit of inborn talent tucked in their person by the Creator of All.
Wishard is actually quite good. He's a local artist and paints popular sites here in Hawaii such as Waipeo valley and multiple beaches.
I love the crispness of his paintings.
They are not at all impressionistic.
Although, I usually like impressionistic paintings--unless they are portraits. I love clear portraits and impressionistic landscapes with a girl sitting in the background...haha...(you can tell I have a particular painting in mind on the latter discription).
Also, I have found that I can only paint landscapes in watercolors and portraits in oil paints.

Just a few days ago I started an oil painting of a young girl sitting in the grass.
It's a beautiful painting, and I decided I wanted to take up the challenge. Surprisingly, it's actually been going quite well, and I hope to post the finished product later on.

Right now I'm learning the song "White Horse" by Taylor Swift. It's difficult on the parts you have to pick out (plus, my vocal skills don't help) but other then that, I've almost got it down.
I like the songs melody--not so much the lyrics.
All her songs are so lovey-dovey.

But, anway, that's a pretty thorough update.


  1. Lol... your brother does sound funny :) That conversation made me chuckle!

    I'd love to see some more of your paintings, you're so good at it!!!

    I have the sheet music for "Love Story" but I haven't gotten around to learning it because I'm working on a few other songs right now. Her lyrics can be depressing sometimes, so I have to be careful how much I listen to them! Hope the rest of the learning goes well :)

  2. haha...yeah, mikeys pretty funny. I'll post my painting when it's finished...thanks so much! haha..I don't think I'm that good, but I like it as a hobby and hopefully will improve with time and practice.
    I have her sheet music to "love story" too!! I thought it was pretty simple until I started working on it and I realized I wasn't quite up to that level yet. So I'm gonna wait till I can read sheet music I little better before continue working on it...hey, if you learn that song you should record yourself singing it and put it in youtube....! :P


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