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One of the many, many reasons why I love Abeka so much is because of the way they teach us about evolution.
Yes, they do teach us about evolution and everything that comes with it: the geologic column, the fossils, the "missing links," and so on and so on. Yet, it is the way that they teach us about evolution that I love.
Instead of following the way public schools do it: speaking of it as a fact and trying to prove it is real, Abeka teaches it as a falsehood and shows us all of the ways it is a definite assumption. They completely denounce it and show us how most of the things evolutionists believe are very indefinite--evolution is actually rather unscientific.
I particularly like one of the questions my science teacher Mrs. Hicks asked once in a while.
She would say, "Where is the one place in the world where you can find the geologic column?"
And the answer would be, "In the library,"
Because the geologic column is only in books--sure, they have diagrams of it, they show you how it looks, yet the never tell you that they made up those rock layers and have actually never found one place on this planet that has that exact layering of rock.
How sad. How mislead kids are in public school, thinking that there are actual missing links found when, really, a complete fossil of the supposed link between man and ape has never truly been found. The few links they have found are almost ridiculous because all they usually have to show for them are a knee cap, shards of a skull and a femur--how can that prove anything?
And if evolution has taken place, where are the thousands of missing links which should be found in the earths crust? If this was a process of millions and millions of years, where on earth have all of the fossils gone? Why can't they even find one substantial piece of proof to back up their theory?
How sad that evolution isn't even thought of as a theory anymore but a fact. A solid fact. Most people think that to be a scientist you have to believe in evolution or else you are totally ruled out as an overly-spiritual maniac and unable to truly see science in the right light.
Yet, weren't Galileo, Newton, and Copernicus all God fearing men who openly spoke of their Lord and His universe? I never hear that mentioned very often. Yet aren't them some of the most ground breaking scientists ever known?
It's sad that evolution is so strongly backed up by the media and every science station on television. Can't they see that the theory in which they believe is even more ridiculous then the religion they so strongly go against? Christian's have had signs, miracles, and proof through God's word.
Everything in the Bible is true. Nothing is false.
It explains how this universe was made: where it came from.
Where does evolution say the universe came from? How was the sun made? How were the galaxies formed?
They have never answered it. The only thing they can attempt to explain is how we humans were made. Yet what about the universe? Where did it come from? The swirling mass had to be created by something.
Surely something doesn't come from nothing.
That is a scientific statement. Isn't spontaneous generation (the idea that living things arise from non-living things) ruled out as ridiculous? The idea that maggots suddenly are created by rotting meat? Don't we all roll our eyes when we think of that as true?
Yet, it was believed in the old days because they had no idea how maggots suddenly appeared in the meat. However, isn't that sort of what evolutions are asking us to believe in? That this earth was covered in primordial soup with no living creatures and then, suddenly, by a terrific accident we were somehow created?
We the intricate beings that we are living in this spectacular place, somehow evolved into this?
I think that if people simply examined God's creation they could easily see that the perfectness of a flower could not be an accident. How were eyes created? How were fingers formed? How were plants made so beautiful and the days put together so magically with sun and moon?
By an all powerful God who is watching over us and asking us to trust in Him.

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