Social activity?!?!

Being homeschooled, I am am often encountered with the direct and concerned question, "But what do you do for social activity?", or, if it is not so blunt (or, rather, to the point), they will ask, "How do you make friends?" or "Do you ever go out?"
Once I tell certain people that I'm homeschooled this sort of artificial concern rolls over their features, as if they think I'm handicapped by it. Now, for some people it may not be artificial concern, but there is definitely a wonder and anxiety.
They seem to think that homeschooled children are deprived of social interaction. How is that possible when most homeschoolers are taught by actual teachers (although that is not true in my case, it is the general one). Also, if they have families, they are talking everyday. Most have friends.
We homeschoolers aren't handicapped or deprived in any way, shape, or form.
To give you an example of a time when I was asked one of the aforesaid questions, I will give an interesting scenario.
It takes place in Waimea, in a building near a Shell gas station. In this building, people often use drills, anestesia, and masks. Alright, it's a dentist office (scary place...). I was going in for my regular cleaning, and once I got called in by a the new dental hygenist, we went in that little cold room and got to talking (for some reason, they feel they need to make small talk with you...it's rather uncomfortable at times because they get to ask all of the questions...I mean, by the end of it, they usually get enough information out of me to figure out where I live and a brief summar of my life!). But, to get back on topic, she eventually found out I was homeschooled. Once I told her this, I could already sense she was a bit concerned. After a little while, she finally asked, "But do you do anything extra-curricular so that you can get out and talk with other kids?"
After my answer, she carried on, "Well, I think homeschooling can be good because you don't have to deal with all of the fooling around, but it's still important to get out and talk with other kids." These are how I remember her words, and, of course, she wasn't completely negative. Most people aren't, yet, still, it's amazing how everyone has this same question when they think of homeschoolers.
I mean, where did they get it?
My guess is the media. Sadly, the media plays a large roll in discriminating against homeschooled kids, in my opinion. Who else could spread such an idea around the whole world so quickly??

Alright, now, this is what really confuses me. How do people (in general) think it so nice and cozy to live out in the country. A romantic idea is accosiated with living on a farm during the pioneer days. People then were considered upright and noble. But were these people accossiating with a gigantic group of kids everyday? Were they surrounded with their "peer groups" so that they could aquire the satisfactory amount of "social activity"? Weren't most of these people confined? Their neighbors were miles away and, usually, their familes were the only people they spoke with. It was adqeuate. It was enough. A few friends, family, and God. That's all we need. And whether or not any of this is "politically correct" is the least of my cares.

WARNING: This article may contain over-exaggerated material. Being that I'm a girl, and, even worse then that, a writer, my arguments concerning this situation are apt to be overdone to attain the desired affect of emotion (the dentist story was 100%, just in case you think I made it up "to attain the desired affect of emotion").


  1. totally true...and funny :)

  2. haha, thanks. Hope it wasn't too negative... :P

  3. I agree with you. Over here, the concern for social life starts when our children are babies!!

    In R's 'baby group' at the Health Care centre, even though the babies are just turning 1 year old next few weeks, the nurses at the health centres kept telling us parents to take them to the Open Day Care centre to enable the babies to 'interact' with other babies.

    Babies at Open Day Care centers are usually just babbling and not able to speak yet and are often having colds... so I am quite weary of it. All of them are with runny noses... I will only start taking R there when she is older.

  4. Wow, that's interesting...I can't believe they want children to start enteracting with each other even when they are under one...barely able to speak!!


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