My latest poem


"Tree's see"

When I was a child
I tottered down a hill.
But got up, and smiled,
Rubbing my aching jaw.
I knew the tree saw.

The next day I came
And climbed up her bows.
I gazed down the lane,
And saw coming Ma;
the tree also saw.

One day I walked past
That old, faithful tree,
And saw a dog with a cast
Tied round his hurt paw.
I knew the tree saw.

Then I turned sixteen
And learned on her trunk while
Johnny asked me to be his queen,
But I returned "naw,"
And smiled; the tree saw.

Years past and I feel in love
With a very kind man
Whom was mentioned above.
Down walked I, with my arm on my Pa.
I knew the tree saw.

Winters past and I had
My one little one.
He could totter, my little lad.
His name on the trunk I did draw.
The tree felt and saw.

To that little lad came the fever
On one hot summer day.
He told me, "God said 'Leave her.'"
We buried him by his Pa.
I knew the tree saw.

I constantly mourned their deaths.
Those two buried under the tree.
Then God took away pain, along with breath
And fulfilled nature's law.
I knew tree saw.

If you have any questions on this poem just ask...I know it's a bit choppy--possibly confusing :P


  1. This story was so sad, I was actually teary-eyed. I thought it was kinda witty to have the tree as the constant while the story unfolded. Quite unique way of pouring out poetry.
    It's been a joy for me to see you begin to express your creativity in writing. Keep on keeping on! I confess I'm your fan. Love, mom

  2. I agree with your mom. I thought it was a beautiful poem... and yet so sad.. a tear jerker. My emotions were stirred reading it. Naturally, I prefer stories with happy ending or comical... hehehhehe! You have a talent.. with painting and poem and stories..

  3. Aiyo, too much praise...! If you all keep this up I will have to pop my gigantic pride-bubble.

    But thanks so much Auntie and mommy. Love you both!


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