If I were a bee,
I'd settle in a tree.
If I were a cat,
I'd find a cozy mat.
If I were a frog,
Most likely a mossy log.
If I were a horse,
In a racing course.
If I were a fish,
A water-filled dish.
If I were a bear,
Perhaps a rocking chair.
If I were a skunk,
As a favor, a tight-sealed trunk.

Something fun I wrote last night after a journal entry. It's called "If"; Nathan suggested the name.
It's Nathan's 17th birthday today! As a gift, my parents got him a guitar kit. He's going to assemble the guitar, paint, varnish, and do all that fun stuff :P He's really happy, which is great. Isn't that what you're supposed to be on your birthday??

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