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I haven't posted for a while, but I do have an excuse....! I have been sick for a little more then a week or so. I had a pretty bad streak of flu. The fever was probably the worse. But, the other thing was, I had an allergic reaction to one of the medicines I started taking! I was first taking regular cough medicine, but my dad got me some Sudafed PE, and, for some reason, the next day I started having puffy eyes and my lip got a bit swollen. Then, the big sign was hives... :( I had them all down my leg, so, after doing research, I found out I was having an allergic reaction to the stuff.....urgh!

So, of course, I stopped taking it and I was fine afterwards. Luckily, I wasn't as sick by the time I got the allergic reaction. I'm all better now. Just a little cough to get over and I'll be right as rain.

I can't believe that this school year is going to be over in only...3 days! Ah! I can't believe it! We are finishing a bit early because we (meaning my brothers and I) didn't take much vacation this school year. (I love being homeschooled!)

But, I am a bit apprehensive about school finishing. Once it's over I'll be pretty bored....I don't know what I'll do all day. Perhaps my artistic abilities will be able to stretch their wings and I can paint more! hehehe...I have been wanting to start up a new landscape painting. I'm going to be painting a painting....I don't think that's illegal...right?! Naw, I don't think so. People have done it before, and I'm definitely not planning on selling it, so I'm in the clear.

It's a watercolor painting, which is good because I only have watercolors :P I have been wanting to get some acrylic paints for portraits, but they are expensive....so I'm not sure when, if ever, I'll get them. We will just have to see.

The thing is, if I were to get acrylic paints I would need to get a special set because I am probably only going to use them for portraits, and, with portraits you usually don't usually need red, blue, green, orange, etc. I mean, I'd be concentrating on skin tone moreso.

We will see...we will see.

I'm so tired right now. I don't know why, though. I have been sleeping a lot....

Exams are coming up since it's almost the end of the school year. For some reason, I don't get gittery over tests/exams. Actually, it's nice to have tests because then our school days are a lot shorter because we don't have to watch a 40 minute video!

Plus, I usually do better on tests then quizzes because you at least get to study for a test, and, in Abeka, they review thoroughly before taking tests so I don't worry about them....at all.

Okay, I have to go! A rather abrupt ending, but....

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