New creations, subtle sensations

I did write a few new poems I thought I'd put on. I wrote this one last night around midnight. It's funny how inspiration comes at the most curious times, yet when it arrives you can't help but follow it.


Sunsets come and sunrises go.
Rivers, one way, they flow.
One month it is blazing summer,
Then comes winter, like a runner.

One year fingers stumble over black and white keys,
The next they flow and glide free.
Children run home with rosy cheeks,
And move away in a matter of weeks.

Time brings progress and decay
Which one will come, one never can say.
It brings you to the prime of life,
But soon etches youth away with it's coarse knife.

With time progress can be built,
But only with effort can one sew this quilt.
It is an investment to help you advance,
Yet can ruin you if you take a chance.

Well, I had one other stanza, but I didn't feel it was going anywhere after that so I cut it off since it wasn't very good. I concentrate on rhyme alot in my poems, if you haven't noticed, not so much rhythm. I'll post the other one's some other time.

I watched this very heart rending video a few days ago. My mom got hold of it through an e-mail so she clicked on it and we gathered around to watch, anticipating the homemade, contest winning video.
The first thing that appeared was signs of fast food places. I thought, "What on earth is this about? McDonalds?" Then two girls came on screen, looking pretty normal. Nothing peculiar about them. They ordered some food in a fast food place. The menus were in another language (I couldn't read it so I don't know which one) therefore, it must have been set in a foreign country.
After showing them get their food and then finish eating, the camera stayed on their plates which were barely touched. Their chicken was only nibbled on.
"Okay," I'm thinking, "now what?" Suddenly they show a man riding to the restaurant with a garbage can attached to the back of his bike. He enters the restaurant's kitchen and the workers hand him all of the left over, stinky food in a garbage can. He then starts picking through a plastic bag filled with half-eaten chicken wings and legs, transferring the ones that are still edible into a different plastic bag and the bones into the trash. He then departs with the disgusting food-filled trashcan and the bag of half-eaten chicken parts. Leaving the city, he rides into a small village where he is met by a troop of young children dressed in grimy clothes with dirt-smudged faces. The man brings the garbage can and opens the lid, watching as the children dive head first into the bin, overjoyed and laughing by what seems to be a tremendous treat: the gross, thrown away, used food is, for them, a gift from heaven.
After leaving the children, the man goes home to his wife and children, the small bag of chicken still in his hand. His wife smiles, takes it from him, and as she begins rationing the half-eaten morsels among them his cute son is taken into a frenzy of delight upon viewing the meal. The man places himself at the table and, motioning his excited son to keep from diving into his plate, he and begins a prayer, piously thanking for for this special occasion.

Sad, isn't it? It's a true story, and is only one example of people who live in such drastic conditions.

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