The beginning and the end

What is poetry? Words that rhyme? No...I know many poems with absolutely no rhyming. Words set to rhythm? No...some poems have no beat whatsoever. An expression of feelings and thoughts through words? Well...I suppose we all have a different definition.
For myself, I can't say I even have one. Evangeline, a poem written by Henry Longfellow (it looks funny without Wadsworth in the middle, doesn't it?) is considered a poem, yet it is more like a book! So then why aren't short stories considered poems? I know a few "poetic" short stories, but they aren't poems...then again, I don't have a definition for poetry, so how can I know?
I wrote a few posts ago: I don't write poetry often. Or something like that. I can't say that I can deny this statement, because it is true, yet, hopefully, it won't be in a few months. Yup, that's right, I've adopted it as a new hobby. I can now call it: "a hobby"
However, I only have written three poems--I guess everyone starts somewhere. There was a time in Alfred Lord Tennyson's life when he only had written three poems...two poems...one poem...no poems...
I like to think of it in that light. There needs to be a beginning to have an end.

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