My new blog

I have started up my new blog. It's pretty nice because I can do stuff to the blog without asking. I gues some people think it was wierd we all shared a blog but it was fun for a while :)

So lately I have been painting again and now I have 4 paintings I've done. They are all protraits. I can't do lanscape at all...anyway, I was thinking I might take pictures of them and then post them on my blog for people to see--then you can really see what my paintings look like! lol. I'm not saying it will be a "pleasant surprise" but it probably will be a surprise.

I don't know if I really will, though. I might want to save myself the embarassment...you'll just have to wait and see what I do, I guess.

That'll be all for my first post, I'll talk more later!


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