My first peice for show

Perhaps you were expecting something more colorful and exciting. All I can say is: "Wahla! And sorry it's hard to see--it is a light sketch and the camera couldn't pick it up well."

Okay, well, it's not a painting--I'm afraid I haven't worked up the courage to post one of those yet, but it is a sketch: more basic, simple, and, basically, safe.

It's not very detailed...I'm afraid my sketches aren't. I'm almost positive everyone in the world can sketch this good! That is, most average people can so I'm sure no one will be amazed or think it's very good, which is fine with me. I just enjoy drawing once in a while :)

Now, back to reality. Nathan and I have been taking a video class on Friday nights. It's been fun, and a pretty good learning process: it ended last Friday. Now we have to start doing something new. I hope God gives us something to do.....

Surprisingly, as a homeschooler, there are ALOT of things we have to do! Homework takes the better part of most of our days, and our video's (for school) also take up a big chunk of our day. We also have a schedule we have to follow which has an exercise plan for us and music rules that tell us how long we have to practice everyday and with whom we have to practice, etc.

All three of us are now learning instruments, and it's been quite interesting. If you would have told me a few years ago that I was going to learn an instrument I would have not believed you! If you would have told me that all THREE of us were going to be taking up instruments I would have said, "In your dreams. I just don't see that happening."

But, it's happened, and I almost consider it a miracle because I have never been into music much and when I was younger, I had absolutely no interest in taking up a musical instrument: it was too much work! But now, I really want to learn more about guitar and piano, even though it can be pretty crazy at times because there's so much to learn and so little time! But, hey, when someone wants to do something, and they put their heart into it, they usually accomplish it. Not many things can get in a person's way when they're determined, and with all of the opportunities we have at our fingertips, I see no reason why we should try to do well in all of the different thing we can further ourselves in! We have wonderful educations, we can learn almost anything on the internet, and have no one oppressing us. It's just whether we want to apply ourselves. It's just whether we want to work, and it's just whether we get off our couches and stop being lazy! And...it's just whether the hours in a day don't run out before we achieve everything we are doing :P

Keep up the good work and don't give up--be determined!

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