Lately I've been looking at electric-acoustic guitars. They are acoustic guitars that can be played regularly, but you can also have the option of plugging them in to amplify the sound, etc.
They are a bit expensive, however...especially the good ones :P duh...but, yeah, I've checked out a few at stores and on the internet. I haven't yet discovered which one I want. I'm leaning towards the brand Ibanez, if any of you know about guitars...but it's not a very expensive brand, generally...It can be pretty reasonable. Yet, after looking at guitars for so long you just can't decided and I ended up being like: "I want them all!!!" Because I really can't make a decision.

I want to find out information on certain kinds and see what people say about them: sound quality, size, shape, etc. and that does help, but it's just so hard to find the exact guitar you are looking for when you don't even know what you want! I'm pretty sure it's impossible. So that's why I'm doing research *sigh* It just takes so much time, though.

But I'm not going to be buying one soon--probably in a few months after doing research and deciding. I really don't want to make an impulsive decision and then end up finding up the guitar I got isn't good, you know?

The sad thing for me is, I really care about the appearance of guitars...not so much the sound quality! lol! No, I do care about the quality, but appearance does help. Nate and I were looking up guitars the other night and I saw this really cute electric-acoustic and it had leaves on it and holes in unique places so I was like, "Oo! I want it!" And then we looked it up to find out about it and most of the people were like, "It's really bad....the size is horrible...the sound is sorta muddled....not a good guitar." But I still really liked it! Lol. Of course, Nathan is the total opposite from me. He mostly cares about the quality--so, hopefully, if we ever do get an electric- acoustic we will be able to balance both appearance with quality :P

Sorry I haven't written in a while. It's been pretty busy with school. It seems like they keep throwing tests on us and the days just seem a whole lot shorter!


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