I've been thinking about video taping me singing a song and putting it on youtube! Haha, bet most of you out there didn't know that! But, yeah, I've actually been considering it for a long time bec. I can play a few songs and think it would be fun to do so, however, I am I bit uncertain about the whole thing. My parents think it would be cool--Nathan and Michael have no comment (I suppose for their own safety)--but I'm not sure I want to. I mean, I want to, but then the inevitable would happen: people would watch it! And I'm not sure I want them to. lol. Don't you love my reasoning?
I know, the whole purpose of putting something on youtube is for people to watch it, so I'll quit being weird and move on. I have already tapped myself singing a Sanctus Real song: "I Love You" and it's okay...My vocals aren't outstanding and the guitar in that song is REALLY basic...so it's not that great.
I also wrote a pretty good song the other day! Amazing, yeah?? :P Well, I've been writing songs on and off since I started playing guitar (over 2 years) but the one I've been working on for the past week has been....well....better....since there is more technique in it and there is actually a chorus, bridge, and verses...Usually I only have a verse and, occasionally, a chorus: so you can see what I mean when I say my best so far..hahaha. The song is mainly about trusting in God, leaning on His promises, and going to Him in times of trouble---it sounds deep but don't get your expectations up... :)
Post comments! Do you think I should post a song on youtube?? =/
Haha, my mom just told me to sit up straight! For those of you who aren't around me often, I have a major slouching problem (it's pretty bad....) and I've been trying to fix it...really, I've been reminding myself to sit up straight, but it's really hard to do...especially when I'm lazy. haha. But I think playing guitar has something to do with it because I am slouching really bad whenever I play! Anyway, this post is long enough, eh?

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