Here's to free time!

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IMG_0497 photoshoot

You know what I've missed? Photoshoots. And friends. I know that sounds depressing and filled with self-pity, but the truth is, moving is hard. So when lifelong friends fly halfway across the country just to visit and help you move and take photos, it means a whole lot. It is probably obvious that posting these pictures is long overdue, as the trees are more brown than green, and coats are the preferred clothing now-a-days. Oh, warm weather. I miss you when my fingers go numb. 

As far as life goes, I am officially unemployed, but very happy about it as I get ready for school. And the holidays. And Christmas shopping, cookie baking, etc. And painting. So much free time! On a scale of one to ten, I would say free time is an eleven. Probably my favorite thing ever. 

In other news, I have decided to finally start drafting some paintings for the dreamt of paper store I would love to someday actually create rather then daydream about. And it's been going well. So far there's a 50/50 ratio of paintings that are completed and kept and half completed and thrown away. Not so bad, in my book.

We shall see. We shall see. (one more). We shall see. 



Playing around with Illustrator tonight. Trying to decide what I want to do with my life whilst getting discouraged by my artistic skills and lack thereof. Oh life.

Going back to school is messing with my mind and my major.


P.s. I keep forgetting to upload photos from a certain photoshoot. This tracing is a sneak peak.


Plaid plaid plaid. And crafts.

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Even though I only work part time, every day off feels like I hit the jackpot. And what would I do to de-stress other then do some arts and crafts? I mean, let's get real. So although it took a few trips to surrounding stores, I managed to find the perfect piece of wood at home depot (it was 45 cents, so I say winning!), a few nails, and string, and I was able to make my very own, handy-dandy jewelry organizer. So rather then having all of my jewelry all over the bathroom counter in a tangled pile, it's pretty. I'm also thinking of buying some vases or glass bottles to organize my bracelets on. But all in good time. Do you guys have any special ways to organize your jewelry? I looked on pinterest a good deal to get ideas, and although I'm digging the whole antler-organizer thing, I think it'll take some hunting (no pun intended) through antique stores to find them.

Side note: with moving, working, and applying to a new school, I apologize for my lack of blogging. But I do miss it and think of it often. And shall not give up. So have patience with my monthly posts.


p.s. the shopping has not ceased. enjoy.


Piles and piles of clothes.

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It seems that as of late, my life has been positively overtaken with clothes both materially and mentally. I have been reduced to dreaming of clothes lately both day and at night. For the past month (goodness, how time flies!) I have been working at a clothing store which has inevitably brought out the shopaholic in me--along with the revelation that I have a fetish for navy, pink, beige, and florals. Something which became painfully obvious while photographing my purchases. 

However, taking a step back from school has been refreshing and learning about sales and retail has been stretching--last month was full of challenges. New environments definitely teach me more about myself and others, and though I often feel like Bilbow Baggins from the Shire with my only desire being to curl up in my hobbit hole with a cup of tea, I know that the adventures I am currently on are good for me. I like to think of myself as Mr. Baggins these days, with Gandalf behind me, believing in me, and a rumbly tummy constantly distracting me. Now all I'm missing is a ring to make me invisible in times of trouble or great embarrassment. 

Oh, the goodness of the The Hobbit has also been overtaking my thoughts, and I have been reading it when not working or wasting my life on Netflix. 

P.S. I have missed my little nook online. xoxo, readers.