Kinfolk at dusk.

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There's something about the light in our bedroom around 7:30 pm that is magical. Tonight I finally decided to flip through the untouched pages of recipes and photographs by Kinfolk, which are inspiring as ever as always. 

One of the inexplicable things about my creative states lately is how variable they are depending on the time of day. I usually wake up dull and empty, not desiring to create or even look at my craft table. Come about 3pm, and my sentiments change slightly. My feelings towards my paint and dear Perry soften, and I attempt to recollect things I desire to make. Then 9pm strikes, and I have a surge of a feeling I had, in the morning, forgot. I pick up Perry, snap a few photos, and draft sketches for a few paintings which I don't complete. Then comes 2am. I am lying in bed, and my mind is a frenzy of colorful thoughts. Vivid projects flash before my eyes. I see all the possible things I might create with materials which only a few hours ago seemed useless. I strategically make a list of everything I want to begin the next day and drift off into a productive reverie. Then dawn (ahem, okay not quite) the next day strikes, and I awake as stale as the morning before. 

Perhaps this is strange or normal or just me. Whatever it is, it's simply annoying. 

Here's a summer playlist (inspired by this girl) of tunes that have been helping me break into an inspired mood:

Boy with a Coin: Iron and Wine
Ladder: Andrew Belle
Ceilings: Local Natives
Holocene: Bon Iver
Island Cottage: Sea Oleena
Magic: Coldplay
Shelter: Ray LaMontagne


they're faux, don't freak.

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These are a few of my favorite things: raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. And that song. You know the rest (or shall I say, you had better know the rest!). Let's just say these fake gauge earrings and that very spin-able skirt have been making their way into that Julie Andrews song (or shall I say Fraulein Maria?).

Though, let's be honest. It's the summer, and the days that I suffer to change out of pajamas into daytime clothes are inconvenient and rare. However, this summer laziness can bring on other pastimes such as deep brooding and introspection, along with lengthy periods of brain-death. I fluctuate between the two hourly.

It's lovely, really, to step out of the whirlwind of college classes and projects, to enjoy these few summer weeks to process and rest. And it's also a good time to re-prioritize. However, I find that as healthy as re-focusing can be, I often fall into a frightening amount of self-sufficiency during these summer months. Since I am given so much authority over my time and activities, I set goals for myself (sometimes even unconsciously. I simply put two labels on myself: productive and unproductive). And the determining factor of my feelings toward self are which label I'm wearing that day.

And the main reason I am realizing self-sufficiency is so scary is because it distorts the way I believe God perceives me. If I'm doing well, then God loves me. If I'm not preforming (in family life, in future goals, in relationships) then it's hard to imagine He's okay with me. I was reading a book the other day, and they asked Christians if they felt more comfortable preaching the gospel to an unsaved friend on a "good" day or "bad" day, and most people voted "good day!"

The sad thing is, that makes sense to my human mind. The reality is, that doesn't make sense in the gospel. Because according to the gospel, I did nothing, and Jesus did everything. And self-sufficiency has no place. In fact, it really messes things up! So this summer, I am trying to step away from the unhealthy amount of time I think of me. Of my performance. Of my plans. And I'm going to try to dwell more on Him. And His truth.


A trip to the museum.

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We finally did it. We went downtown and saw the cit-ay! It was bustling with yoga in the park and segway tours. Typical for a city, I suppose? I don't have much experience with them, but maybe with time I shall. Our main stop for the day for was the Dallas Museum of Art. 

It turned out to be filled with stunning pieces. Four floors filled with paintings, sculpture, and pottery from all parts of the world and ages and ages ago. It was a feast for the eyes, heart, and mind. 

We topped off our day with a fancy restaurant down by the park. The food is pretty, isn't it? It was tasty, too. 

Enough rambles of our trip. On to rambles of life. 

I've been enjoying my summer and the leisure it brings far too much. One of my chief enjoyments has been the printed word. Anna Kerenina has proven a lovely novel, and there's nothing I would love more than to have my bad habit of starting too many books at once encouraged.

Have you all been reading anything particularly wonderful?

My library card is ready to be swiped!


Road-trips and transplants.

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After packing up for the school year and moving out of my little apartment in New Mexico, I took a ride in a fifteen passenger van straight to Panama City. Driving for about twenty-seven hours straight is not so bad when you have a sleepy constitution like myself and are allowed to curl up in the backseat with pillows. Plus we only had one flat tire the whole way there, so I would say it was a success!

However beaches in Hawaii have, in the best way possible, ruined beaches anywhere else for me. Simply because nothing can compare to my home--my memories--in the Big Island. Maybe I put Hawaii up on a pedestal or maybe I don't. Visit both places and let's duel it out. But I shall not deny that Florida holds it's own charm for me, and I left with a few new books in my backpack and swirling thoughts.

And now I'm back here. Texas. Figuring out what that means. Reading a few new books. Lavishing in the laziness that summer brings. Living in the past a lot. Planning for the future. And napping. Lots and lots of naps.

Hope your summer is off to a splendid start!